Continue on basis knowledge of firearms

In the previous article we have give  you a general view about what is a firearms and main style of firearms (17). Now we continue to get know about the composition of this weapon and how its main functions. To make safe you firearm, you should buy a best gun safe for the money to protect it, Let’s take one.

The main parts compositing a firearm:

  1. Action

This is the mechanism making a firearm work, such as bolt-action or clever-action as you know in the ealier acticle. In the action have moving constituents allowing you to load, fire, unload the gun.

  1. Receiver
This is a frame containing moving components of the firearm and including the breech (a part of the barrel including the chamber) and the firing mechanism.
  1. Bolt

This is a movable part of a gun which blocks the rear of the chamber.



  1. Trigger mechanism

This is the “start button” of the gun which make shot. When you pull the trigger, it will release a part called hammer. The hammer will strike firing pin.

  1. Barrel

This part is an empty tube through which the bullet will go out when a shot is made. The end of the barrel called muzzle where the bullet exist. The inside of the barrel called the bore.

  1. Stock

The stock is the end of a long firearm. In using, the stock will be set on the shoulder of the shooter to help him keep the gun steady. The part under the receiver and barrel of the gun called fore-end stock.



  1. Magazine (if available)
The magazine, internal or external, use to contain the cartridge. An external magazine can be removable..

The basic functions of a firearm:

  1. Feed (load)

Loading a gun means set a cartridge into the chamber of the gun.

item910308_600px (2)


  1. Cock
Set a gun in a condition ready to fire.
  1. Lock

Use security components such as bolt, breech to make a firearm unable to fire. Almost kinds of firearm has these parts.

  1. Fire

It means make a shot, discharge a bullet out of the barrel. When the trigger is pulled, internal constituents will be start with the result of the forward movement of the firing pin. The moving forward of the firing pin will strike the primer of the bullet. This process will burn a compound (gun powder) inside the primer and make a push power. This pushing power will force the bullet out of the cartridge case, through the barrel, exist from the muzzle.

  1. Unlock
The breech or bolt is made unable.
  1. Extract

Extract means that a cartridge or cartridge is withdrew from the chamber of a firearm.



  1. Eject

Eject means that a cartridge or cartridge case is expelled from a firearm.

Hunting season of the Eskimos

The Eskimos earn living by hunting job (1), traditional foods in winter are mainly seals, North Pole bears… or other animals on the shore where they can hunt.
The main foods of the Eskimo are seal, whale, bear, deer and cod meat. In those, seals are the most important food. The Eskimos hunt seals by rod and harpoon. Eskimo hunters have a good way to snare animals is: take a piece of soft willow wood or whalebone sharpened, its head is wrapped a tendon fibers pressed into S-shape, and insert into the fat pad put under the tree. The beast such as hungry bear, mink, fox, when seeing the fat pads, immediately swallows. After its stomach digests all of fat and tendon parts, the expanded logs or fish bone will puncture its stomach and make the animal lost blood until die.
 The animal lost blood until die
Because of the cold and food scarcity, every Eskimo family itself hoards food, mainly seal, bear, deer and cod meat,… to use for months and when ill. The Eskimos often hunt seals in most of the seasons in a year. In winter, they go to the holes on the ice surface where underwater breathing holes of seals are; and insert the tusk rod into them. When seals feel something strange or difficult to breathe, they try to creep up the shore and make the rod vibrate. Immediately, hunters grab harpoon to thrust through the ice holes to kill those seals. In spring, it’s easier to hunt seals because they all swim ashore to heat. And in summer, the Eskimos use boat to track for hunting seals.
Every the end of March per year, 2/3 Eskimos will leave their house to start whale hunting voyage to store food for the coming lasting winter. The hunters group includes almost the healthy men in their village and some women accompanying them to serve logistics. Eskimo hunters group will go to the areas where the whales appear most often in Alaska and the Gulf of Hope, then find a convenient place to set up the camp and officially begin a long day hunting trip. The hunters group divides into smaller teams to work together on hunting boats that are distributed about 200 meter apart and take turns searching for whales during the 24 hours each day. The Eskimos usually split the whale meat at the coast in order to dry and transport back their village easily.
The Eskimos set up the camp in a long day hunting trip
Whale hunting in the cold North Pole sea has many difficulties and dangers such as: unusual wind and storm can capsize the boat, icebergs can threaten to break the boat, taking a false step on the thin ice can lead to death … Therefore, it requires the hunters to have high patience. The Eskimos have had 1,000 years of whale hunting history and until now, hunting methods have not changed much. They launch the sharp hooks into whale body that makes them bleed to exhaustion and must resurface, after that they pull it ashore. Because of keeping this traditional whale hunting skills (7), the Eskimos go hunting very crowd.
The Eskimos go hunting very crowd

The Eskimos go hunting very crowd

Some necessary hunting skills to survive in the wild

1. In the day time:

– Never go hunting by mere chance because this costs a lot of effort and is not sure.

– Should go hunting in the familiar jungle to know where the birds or animals live and need to know where they frequently patronize for food, hunting or drinking… so that when you want to hunt any animals, just go straight to those areas.

– If this is just some of your first hunting trips, you can go hunting in unfamiliar areas, but you need to remember these areas. Maybe today you miss a beast in this area, tomorrow you can still see it hanging around there.

– To detect the prey, you need to explain the traces animals left such as footprints, feces, hair, and mud sticking on the tree-trunk, crushed grass, disturbed soil, typical scent … or even its hum. You need to distinguish the sound of many different kinds of animals through going jungle more or watching movies about animals.

– To approach the prey, you have to know how to deceive, to hide and to camouflage, to integrate in the surroundings from color to aroma.

– Use clay, ash, charcoal, and soot … to apply on the skin areas without covering of clothing such as hands, feet, face…

– Your clothes must be the same color as the natural scenery around us.



– Do not bring hat or scarf with bright color, or the jewelry reflecting sunlight (watches, glasses, necklaces …).

– Do not carry things easily make a noise such as keys, water bottle made of aluminum, metal objects…

– Do not use the wind oil, perfume, chemicals have smell… and also should not smoke.

– Remove gently by this way:  flinch the legs and walk with a stoop, put your feet down first and then put heel down slowly and slightly.

– Approach your prey from the direction below wind and make your aroma disappear by applying pasty mud on your body.

– Try to hide behind the shield to let the prey can’t find out you.

– Could attach more leaves on your body to increase integration and it is more difficult to detect.

– If not used to hunting so your heart beat strongly, your hands tremble and get wet with sweat when approaching prey at close range, let’s take a deep breath and then exhale gently several times to calm down again.

– If using a gun to go hunting the big animals (2), you should shoot at their head, neck bone and scapula…



– If using a bow and arrows with poison, let’s shoot at the areas near their heart.

– In case the wounded animals run away, you should beware to follow the blood traces, as if they are the beasts, when are severely tracked, they will hide and suddenly turn to against us…

– Whether you have seen the beast is dead, you also have to be careful, because maybe they are just pretending or have final reflections before death; all of those are very dangerous. Be careful to slowly walk up to, stand far away and try throwing some stones in them, or take a long pole to tease into its mouth, until make sure they were really dead.

2. At night


– You have to remember the way and bring the light.
– In the darkness, through the reflection of light, animal’s eyes will light up, in order to kill that animal you should shoot straightly at the middle of its eyes.
– If there is no light, you just might find out a hiding place to ambush right before the dark fall.
– Absolutely not scour when go hunting at night, it’s very dangerous.

The smart guns and their safety

Nowadays, the safety of people is always paramount. Therefore, using guns freely in some countries must company with the safety that is the reason people are talking about smart firearms. With the science and technology which are developing more and more day by day, talking about a smart gun means that you are thinking of a gun with the safe features that allow it to be operated by only an authorized user. A smart gun is a gun that implements various technologies. Up to now, there have been many different types of smart guns which are introduced and developed. Certainly, you must also grasp some their fundamentals (11).


How can it operate?

The smart guns will distinguish between authorized users and unauthorized user in many different ways such as fingerprint recognition or mechanical locks, etc…

Some early smart weapons, such as the Magna-Trigger system, consist of a magnet placed inside the handle of a revolver. The magnet locks the pistol’s trigger and can only be unlocked with an opposing magnet, which is worn in the form of a ring by the owner of the firearm.

Another example, the iP1 is a smart semi-automatic pistol that communicates with an RFID (Radio-frequency identification) watch, which is worn by the user of the gun.

The pistol will not fire if it is away from its owner thanks to an internal tracking device on both the gun and the watch. Besides, this watch can also provide the useful data to the person who is wearing it such as how many bullets have been fired.

Do benefits of the smart guns go with the safety?

The smart guns are believed to decrease the rate of crime as well as to improve the gun safety.

In fact, no one can deny many benefits of them. The smart guns will stop children or even adults from using the guns undesirably or misusing the guns in many cases. Besides, the smart guns also reduce the accidental discharges or the use of a gun against its owner if it is stolen or taken away.

The debating ideas

Although many people advocate for the creation and production of smart funs because of the benefits that they bring, there are many contradictory opinions of this kind of guns. In an article in Forbes, information security expert Joseph Steinberg discussed several technological shortcomings with smart guns that might “create new, serious safety issues for gun owners and non-owners alike.” Some people claim that the biometrics take time to process and are often inaccurate, especially when a user is under duress.

In conclusion, the smart guns still get a great support because of the modern and the ability of them which can reduce the crime rates.

Ensure the safety when using firearms by grasping the fundamentals

images (1)

As we know, the gun is a weapon not designed for the play. It has the potential to cause the great harm to anyone, even their owner. Therefore, when using the gun, either new users or professionals must learn and grasp the basic principles to ensure the safety of themselves as well as other people around.

Here are some basic principles for safety which should be taken (10) when using the gun which will help you be peace of mind when using the gun.

1. You must always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.

This is considered as the first as well as the most important primary rule of gun safety. It is also the bedrock of all gun safety. If you point the gun at anything you are not willing to shoot, you can make others be injured undesirably.

gun pointed in a safe direction


2. The guns should be unloaded any time when not actually in use.

This means that whenever you pick up a gun, the safety device should be engaged immediately. If the gun has a magazine, you or someone who knows well about the gun must remove it before opening the action and looking into the chamber to verify that the gun is unloaded. This is a very important rule because if a gun isn’t loaded, it won’t shoot.

unloaded any time


3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

Some people often have their finger on the trigger of a gun while they are carrying it. This will be very dangerous for the other’s safety. As the headline, whenever you hold a gun, rest your finger on the trigger guard or along the side of the frame. You should not touch the trigger until the gun points at the aim and you are ready to shoot.

finger off


4. You must be sure of what you are shooting at and what’s beyond it.

This is extremely important which must be a conscious decision when you shoot something. You mustn’t get lax about this. You must pay attention to your target without being controlled by the feeling. Your target is whatever you have decided to shoot. However, you also need to watch out for what’s behind what you’re shooting at. People miss and bullets can over penetrate. You must make sure that nothing that you do not want to shoot is in the line of fire. Pay attention, again.

5. Use the right ammunition.

You do not assume that you have the correct ammunition just because it can be crammed into the gun. You can harm yourself or others if you do not use the right ammunition for which your gun was designed. You must make sure that the gun can stand the pressure of the cartridge you are firing in it.

6. Be familiar with your gun by learning the mechanical and handling characteristics of it

You should spend more time to learn about the operation and features of the gun that you would like to use because not all gun are alike. They have different mechanical characteristics that dictate how you should carry and handle them. This means that the time to learn the operation and feature of a gun is not while you are shooting. It must be taken as soon as you plan to use a gun.

7. You mustn’t shoot at hard surfaces.

The hard surfaces like metal, rocks and hard wood can allow the bullets to glance off and fly off in an unintended direction. This is very dangerous to happen.

images (9)

These above things are basic principles that you need to grasp when making a decision to use a gun in order to ensure the safety for yourself as well as the people around.

Guns and the safety which should be taken


In our life, the gun has always been considered as one of the most dangerous weapons which brings the highest lethality of all time. The benefits that it gives individuals and organizations always accompany with the dangers. Furthermore, the harm they bring even more than the benefits that people obtain from them.

In the world, as we know, many countries ban the freely using guns. On the contrary, no few countries allow individuals to use the guns for the self-defense purpose.

Because of this reason, the percentage of the using guns in some countries is quite high. For many people, keeping a gun in the home will increase the personal protection. Owning one or several different guns will help them feel more secure when the crime rate is increasing day by day. However, the self-defense is not a reasonable reason for the gun control from those who own them because it is the victim who could become the killers or victims of the homicide. Two studies published on The New England Journal of Medicine showed that keeping a gun in the home will increase the risk of both suicide and homicide. Also, it will increase the rate of crime in society nowadays.

However, using guns is still accepted in the family in some countries because of the benefits that they bring. What is the issue of concern here?

It is the safety that needs to be consisted of when you own, see or are threatened by a gun. Some solutions below should be taken by each of persons to keep a safe society.

  • Firearms should be kept away from children, teenagers and even adults to avoid causing unnecessary damage. If you own one or many different guns, a safe locker to store them is a quite effective solution to ensure the safety of family members. If the gun belongs to you, you should ensure to take a thorough grasp of how to use and how to keep the gun safe for other relatives in the family.


  • If the gun does not belong to you but it appears in your eyes, what should you do? What you need to do are that you must stop what you are doing, do not touch the gun, leave the area in which the gun is, and then, tell other members of the family to move the gun to a safest place. Certainly, you must keep the children who are very mischievous and active away from the area including the gun.


  • If you are threatened by a gun or hear about scary news involving the using gun by someone with the intent to harm others, what you need to do is speak up. You need to say it with the reliable people such as parents, who are older than you or the police. This will help you find the optimum solution to ensure the safety of you.


These above things are some solutions that can help you feel more secure when owning or relating to guns. You must always put the safety above all else when it comes to guns.